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Our Mission

We are a group that aims to bring an unusual Brazilian sport to the sands of the beaches of Massachusetts, aiming to emphasize the friendship between races, the diversity of all peoples, the social inclusion of all ages, and promote the sport through competitions throughout the country. 

Our team

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Born in Petrópolis-RJ, he has lived in Massachusetts since 1999. Since he was little, he has been passionate about football with great influence from his grandfather, also called Rubens, an illustrious fan of Fluminense, in which I am also extremely fanatical. I played for youth clubs in my adolescence in football and futsal.

After the birth of my son in 2004, who also loves football, I decided to open a football school in the Worcester area since May 2013.

With the evolution of footvolley in Brazil and in the world, the sport aroused my interest in starting to practice it and today we have a selected group.


  • National D / E / F Coaching License 

  • US Futsal Certificate 2019

  • Champions Coaches Clinic 2016-2017-2018-2019

  • 1st YALE Soccer Conference 2018 Soccer Coach

  • US safe sport trained

  • US youth soccer injury recognition

  • FIFA – Laws of the game


  • Portuguese/English/Spanish



Born in Goiânia-GO, he has lived in the USA for 5 years and has been playing Footvolley for 7 years. He has been playing football since childhood, but from his first contact with Footvolley, football was put aside and I started to dedicate every day to training this modality to improve the fundamentals.


After moving to Boston, a city with 6 months of cold, he didn't play the sport for two years and on his return to the sport he met Rubens Segat, Hermann Souto and the Footvolley group in Boston. It was then that the idea of creating the Boston FootVolley brand came about, in order to facilitate access for people who like Footvolley and come from Brazil to Boston, but also to connect and influence people who already live here to get to know this sport.


  • Engineer


  • Portuguese/English



Born in Salvador, Bahia, he has lived in the USA for 20 years and is the founder of the Pontual Logistics. He has worked in this business for over 10 years and he loves Footvolley and his friends.


  • Executive Finance


  • Portuguese/English

Boston FootVolley
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